One can say that trauma is not what happened to us, but it is the effects that the event had on our psyche and how it changed us.

How do we define trauma?

Trauma is an unwanted situation or distressing experience that happens to us and creates a shock to our psyche. It can be a single, disturbing event such as a car accident or robbery. Or it can be a number of many, continuous, seemingly smaller situations that last over a period of time i.e. child being constantly criticized by a parent or a teenager being singled out by their peers for how they dress.

Trauma also happens when the things that should have happened to us, did not happen (‘should’ as according to our individual needs): always absent father or lack of emotional support from mother.

An event doesn’t have to be huge or especially tragic to be traumatic to a person. Often things generally accepted as normal by society or family standards such as leaving an infant alone in their crib at night, can create deeply damaging effect.

We cannot predict or judge as to what situation will create a trauma to a specific individual, as the way we react to experiences is very subjective and it depends on number of factors – starting with personality traits, through cultural norms, family dynamics, to the level of tolerance to stress, to name just a few.

Also it’s important to mention that every single one of us carries childhood traumas in us, even if we think we’ve had the most loving and nurturing parents in the world. We can be traumatized by our friends, teachers or even strangers that we meet only once.

How to release trauma?

The process of healing trauma happens by accessing those places in us that are stuck in continuous fear or suffering caused by the traumatic experiences from the past and then releasing emotions connected to those events.

Main tools that I use are: regression to the sensitizing event through hypnoanalysis, inner child work and transformation and integration of the aspects of subconsciousness frozen in traumatic memories (Parts Work).

The TRAUMA HEALING MASTER SESSION allows you to dive deep into a blockage created by the traumatic event and to release it. This session is an intense process and lasts 2.5 to 3 hours.


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Sessions are available in English or Polish language.

Sessions are conducted online via Zoom or Google Meet platform.

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Before you leave – something to ponder about …

Without taking away the depth of the suffering caused by trauma, it’s good to realize that we need to go through hardships and tough situations in life in order to get to know ourselves better, to find our strengths and talents and to grow on a personal and soul level. But only when we free ourselves from the emotions that are keeping us trapped in trauma we are able to see and appreciate the positive aspects that came out as a by-product of our traumatic past i.e. a child forced to be hypervigilant about their parent’s moods in order to avoid arguments and punishment is able to develop deep empathy that will help them in their adult life, when they become a therapist 😉

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