I have worked with people like you for over 15 years, using psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, energy healing, Vedic Art and more wonderful tools. And I have a GIFT. My gift allows me to guide you towards your True Self not just through my therapeutic experience but also by channelling the words that will open up the space in you that wants to shine through. In that space you will find all of the answers that you seek.

All answers come from you to yourself and I’m the missing piece that allows you to hear them.

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It is a programme I developed to connect to who you really are and help you learn to value, appreciate and love yourself more.

Why is it called a challenge? Because it will touch the parts of you that have long been neglected, ask uncomfortable questions and release, release and release!

Don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play – self-love also means being gentle with yourself and having fun! It’s a deep inner work on many levels that will translate into changing your life view and living more consciously and falling in love – with yourself!


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