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I have always thought that there were only a handful of especially talented people in the world who could paint. “One must be born with the paintbrush in their hand” – so to speak. At school all my drawings were crooked and at very early I gave up on art classes all together. I hardly ever went to the galleries, except when sightseeing some foreign country. So imagine my surprise when painting found me!

My best friend from Poland attended Vedic Art course that got her so excited that she just couldn’t stop talking about it. I was happy for her, but also a bit sad that I didn’t have that kind of painting talent.  I still believed painting was for the ‘chosen ones’. Then from time to time the thought of painting kept creeping up my mind. And little things I couldn’t ignore happened, like finding art materials at 2 euro shop, friends talking about wanting a painting to put on their wall … Chance? Maybe. One day I got some of those cheap materials and got my whole family to spend an evening painting from the heart. And each of us actually created something that could be put up on the wall! The process of connecting with my Creator Within already started.

After a year my friend became a teacher and invited me to one of her first courses. I felt a bit stuck in life at that point and finances were not there, but I made a decision that I will go, just for fun. Like by a touch of magic wand, I suddenly became busy at work and made enough money to pay for the trip. Plane tickets were really cheap for the exact days I needed them for, and for no other ones … Chance? Maybe.

So I went, I painted and … I conquered my inner demons. The process was fun but it was also deep. I found some barriers that I had to overcome, I faced my fears and I learned more about myself in those few days than in few years of therapy. After I got home I was finally able to finish the book I was writing for the past year. And those really cool ideas, that could help me run my business better, started to surface. I was on a roll and I was happy. I couldn’t wait to attend the second level of Vedic Art, which I did just a couple of months later.

The next step that came naturally was becoming a teacher.  This worked out like magic, again. I really, really wanted to go to the place where Vedic Art came from to become a teacher, but the next course in Sweden was to commence in a year. I had a feeling that I needed to do that by the end of 2012. Following the rule that ‘those who do not ask, do not find’ I wrote Johannes Kallman – the son of Vedic Art founder – Curt , and the head of the Vedic Art School in Sweden. To my surprise I got an almost immediate answer and he invited me to his home for a private course! How could I not go? Well, the finances again – but it all worked out right after I made a decision to go. It all works out if something is meant for you, but you must first make up your mind and confirm your decision with the first step. Mine was booking the plane tickets. Then everything else just went with the flow.

I have to admit that from the moment the Goddess of Art found me, I cannot stop creating. All other things that I loved to do have naturally shifted into the background. Painting is my passion. Spiritual development is my path. Teaching others how to find their spirituality through painting is my life’s purpose.  When I paint, the whole world disappears, problems cease to exist and all there’s left is a pure Spirit. Come join me!

Lorelai I. Dali