• Heal - Learn - Grow
  • relax and let go - learn how to release stress and live in the moment
  • free yourself from the past - hypnotherapy & regression sessions
  • talk to someone who understands - psychotherapy and spiritual guidance
  • enjoy life - fun and inspirational courses and workshops
  • connect to your spiritual side - energy healing treatments and courses
  • be who you really are - gain confidence in yourself
  • make healthy choices - take care of your inner temple
  • awaken the inner creator -spirituality through creativity courses

We live in very stressful times – today’s life is a fast lane, where we crumble under enormous amount of responsibilities and pressures and we end up chasing time, instead of being able to enjoy the moment, take a breath and just BE.

No wonder more and more people suffer from what we call – civilization diseases – anxiety, depression, allergies, IBS, migraines, body pains and cancer… Holistic medicine knows that the source of all illnesses lies in our emotional blocks, negative thoughts, disturbed balance and inner suffering. By eliminating the root of the disease not just the symptoms we are able to heal it completely. Natural therapies work well on its own or complementary to traditional medicine. There are no side effects only a promise of a better health and happier life.

Lorelai’s Healing Shack is place for all in need to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit! Besides private therapies, inspirational events and interesting workshops, I am opening a shop full of natural, often handmade by me goodies that will assist you in living a life as close to nature as possible.

Sessions and courses are available in person in Dublin, Ireland and online through Skype and email.

Let’s spread Love, Light and Healing to as many people as possible!