Personalized Hypnotherapy Recording


What if you could have your own, daily Hypnotherapy sessions designed specifically for YOU by professional hypnotherapist without the need of travelling to the appointments?

Become habit-free, confident, successful in just a month* with Personalized Hypnotic Session recording.

It is well known and scientifically proven fact that hypnotherapy can effectively and permanently assist you in getting rid of that nasty smoking habit or overeating, relieve stress and help you relax, boost your confidence and concentration, better your work, sports or school performance or even help you to stop biting your nails!

Many people successfully used personalized suggestion therapy in hypnotherapy clinics to get rid of above problems and now lead a happy, fulfilling life.

What if you could do that just that in the comfort of your own home?

What if you could have your own, daily hypnotherapy sessions designed specifically for YOU by professional hypnotherapist without the need of traveling to the appointments?

You could save time and money and relieve your habits or boost your self-esteem in the time of the day that’s right for you to reach the highest of your potential.

Personalized Hypnotic Session recording is just what you’ve been looking for!

If you’ve tried hypnotic CDs available in stores you probably found them helpful but they didn’t relieve your problem completely. Why? Aren’t they based on the same suggestion hypnotherapy principles? Of course they are, but they are designed for an ‘average’ consumer, not YOU.

Our sessions are recorded especially for you, including suggestions specific to you and your problem. As you hear your name and your own suggestions on the recording they will sound so believable to you, that they will work. Combined with original relaxing music and stress relieving imagery the Personalized Hypnotic Session recording will take you on the road to inner peace and freedom.

Some problems that can be helped with suggestion therapy used on Personalized Hypnotherapy Session Recordings are:

– assertiveness & positivity
– concentration & motivation
– confidence & exam nerves
– relaxation & stress relief
– self esteem
– creativity
– goal setting
– sport and school performance
– public speech
– smoking
– nail biting
– weight management

How does it work?

Once you place your order you will see a link to download couple of short forms to fill out so we can design the recording especially for you. Within a week you will receive mp3 with your own Personalized Hypnotherapy Session Recording. You’ll listen to it daily for at least month and afterwards once a week or whenever you feel a need. And you’ll be free of your problem once and forever!

You’ve tried so many other things that didn’t work, you spent so much of your time and money with no success and now you can have therapy at the comfort of your own home for just one easy payment.

Personalized Hypnotherapy Session Recording is the right choice!

* Time to gain permanent results can vary from person to person and can be anything from 21 days to 90 days *

** Recordings are available in English or Polish language version **

*** Please be advised that suggestion therapy is recommended for mentioned above problems, and more complicated habits and diseases, that are deeply rooted in subconscious mind (like depression, anxieties, phobias, insomnia, inhibitions, drug abuse etc.) need hypnoanalytical approach and you are advised to make an appointment with us for a FREE 15 minute phone psychotherapy/hypnotherapy consultation. ***


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