Hypnotherapy Session (Hypnoanalysis) – In Person (1 hr)


Hypnotherapy is a highly effective form of treatment for many mental, emotional, psychosomatic, and physical disorders as well as habit removal or confidence and performance issues. It is a much easier and faster way to deal with your issues then regular psychotherapy, as you bypass the limits of your conscious mind and connect directly with subconsciousness, where all your thoughts, memories, habits and beliefs are stored away.

This listing is for HYPNOANALYSIS session. Hypnoanalysis is a holistic process that deals best with depression, anxiety, traumas, psychosomatic problems, phobias, negative patterns, and other long-term issues and is a life changing therapy. It usually takes between 8 and 12 sessions in weekly intervals.

Free initial consultation available HERE

Each session lasts 1 hour.

Sessions are available in English or Polish language.

In-Person sessions are held in North co. Wexford.

For SUGGESTION Hypnotherapy Session to work or issues such as smoking cessation, weight management, confidence boost, habit removal and similar, please click here.

Hypnosis is a trance state in which the hypnotized person is in a heightened, very concentrated, more receptive state of mind while enjoying complete relaxation. It is a completely natural state for us – just think of the time when you get so caught up in a book that the whole world disappears. Or how you drive home from work and get so immersed in your thoughts that you don’t remember how you got to where you are.

In therapeutic hypnosis you are in the same state, but you concentrate on your inner world, instead of something on the outside in order to achieve your own, important, personal results.

During hypnosis, your are conscious and always in control of what is happening. You may not consciously recall every word that has been said right after the session, but if you only want to, you will remember it all later.

Person does not do things under hypnosis that he or she would be unwilling to do otherwise – no silly tricks, barking etc. is possible in clinical (therapeutic) hypnosis. We are here to help you get better and only suggestions that are beneficial for you will be accepted by your inner mind. And remember – there is completely no side effects to hypnosis!

Some of the problems hypnotherapy is effective with:

Abuse Guilt Public Speech
Addiction Headaches Relaxation
Allergies IBS Resentment
Anger Independence Self-control
Anxiety Inhibitions Self-esteem
Assertiveness Insomnia Shame
Asthma Memory Shyness
Blushing Motivation Skin Problems
Claustrophobia Nail-biting Slimming
Compulsions Nervousness Smoking
Concentration Nightmares Sports Focus
Confidence Obsessions Stammering
Creativity Overeating Stress
Depression Pain Control Study Habits
Drinking Panic Attacks Twitching
Exam Nerves Performance Undereating
Goal Setting Phobias
Grief Positivity + lots more

We offer different types of hypnotherapy:

SUGGESTION HYPNOTHERAPY for simple problems as smoking cessation, weight management, confidence boost, habit removal and such – only session is usually needed. You will also receive free recording of the session to listen to daily to reinforce the results (please see separate product listing to book Suggestion Hypnotherapy session).

ANALYTICAL HYPNOTHERAPY or HYPNOANALYSIS  for psychosomatic problems, anxieties, phobias, depression and more, when finding the root cause of the problem needs to be found and released in order to achieve healing. It takes between 8 and 12 sessions and is a life-changing process.

Sessions are available in English or Polish language.

In-Person sessions are held in North co. Wexford.

Payment is due at the time of booking the session (online through this website or via Paypal or Revolut app).

Please be mindful that for cancellation or changes at least 48 hour notice is required.

Please see full Terms & Conditions HERE.


As a member of ICHP Lorelai abides by the strict Code of Ethics.

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