Group Vedic Art Course in Dublin


Vedic Art is an intuitive painting method, that allows you to connect with your heart and let your inner world manifest on an empty canvas. You don’t need any previous experience or artistic ability to benefit – the process of connecting with your creativity is stimulated by 17 spiritual principles that work on a deep subconscious level and let your inner artist come out to create art and your life!

This listing is for Vedic Art Course that will be held in person in a group setting


Swords, co. Dublin, Ireland

Upcoming dates:

11th – 12th and 25th – 26th of November 2023

2 full weekends (4 days)

For other courses or retreats please visit Vedic Art Ireland page.

Brak w magazynie

Vedic Art courses are open to all who are interested or feel inspiration to the inner realization process. Whether or not you have previous experience in painting doesn’t make difference. Vedic Art is suitable as a further training for professionals in the creative arts, while for amateurs it can become a way of life, and for anyone become an alternative route to studying visual arts.

By working through the principles of Vedic Art you can:

* Awaken to your unique gifts enabling you to unleash the REAL you
* Remember how to express yourself from within and flow with creative process
* Begin to create without demand or planning
* Feel more confident about yourself and your capabilities
* Learn to listen to your heart and start to live accordingly to what is there
* Return faith in yourself through the acceptance of whom you are
* Paint your dreams and allow them to manifest for you
* Liberate from the blockages of ego and fears
* Vedic Art it is not a therapy but it can be deeply therapeutic
* Your heart in result opens up to show the truth about yourself and your own divine presence.

More information about Vedic Art method is available on official Vedic Art Ireland website.

During Vedic Art course you can attend either of the levels:

(*all levels will be taught simultaneously)

for beginners. Experience 17 Principles and open up to your creativity in art and in life
for those who want to continue with Level 2 and go deeper in knowing of use of 17 Principles
Future teachers can have theoretical information connected with practical approach by observing teaching for Foundation group in practice. New teachers can paint during lectures as well.

If you have completed any of the levels and just want to join us to paint you will pay only half of the course fee.

Course will be taught in English with Polish translation for any non-English speakers.

This listing is for Vedic Art Course that will be held in person in a group setting

Location: Swords, co. Dublin, Ireland

Upcoming dates: 4th, 5th, 18th, 19th November 2023 – 2 full weekends (4 days)

Times: 11am to 7pm each day (including lunch break)

Foundation or Continuation level: €350 (prepaid in full)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL RATE: €300 booked by 31st of August

Teacher level: €1000 (€350 deposit required)

Materials NOT included: You will need 8 to 12 canvas, acrylic paints (at least 75ml of 6-10 colours), brushes.

Materials provided: paper, sketchbook, pencils, color pencils, crayons, glue, scissors and various decorations

NOTE: Please contact us to make sure there are places available before making the payment. Please be mindful that number of places are limited and you are only guaranteed the place if you pay the course fee.

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To see upcoming courses dates please visit Events page.

Additional information

Foundation Course Deposit

for absolute beginners

Foundation Course Paid in Full

for absolute beginners

Continuation Course Deposit

pre-requisite: Foundation Course

Continuation Course Paid in Full

pre-requisite: Foundation Course

Teacher Training Deposit

pre-requisite: Foundation AND Continuation Course

Teacher Training Paid in Full

pre-requisite: Foundation AND Continuation Course


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