The Money Issues

I wonder why it offends some people when Lightworkers promote their work and offer their services on social media sites or groups. Isn’t it allowed for Lighworkers to make a living sharing their gifts? It’s really said how, because of such attitude, we are forced to look for other jobs, instead of putting all of our energy and work into sharing love, light and healing. I have carried on a ‘regular’ 9 to 5 job before and tried to do healing work and it’s really hard to find time and energy for both. So I decided to let go of what was not important in my life and concentrate on what I’m good at.

Belief that healing work should be given away for free is completely wrong and hurtful to Lighworkers and healers. We put in a lot of work and effort into what we do, we spend time and money working on our skills, attending courses etc. to become the best healers/therapists/guides we can be and we are only human – people living just like anyone else in the material world, that requires us to pay rent, bills, buy food and clothes. Why shouldn’t we be paid for our work? Why should we divide our attention and time to ‘just making a living’, when we could put it all into what we’re good at and help others?

There’s nothing wrong with money – money is a way of exchanging energy. Work is energy, money is energy. Please remember that and don’t expect Lightworkers to do their work for free.

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