Surrender, release and let go

I have noticed that lately many people, including some of my students and clients, and even myself, have been having a really hard time. Just like an avalanche came down with so many current situations to solve, blasts from the past coming over unannounced and emotional chaos. It really caught me by surprise. I saw a lot of similar clearing in the 2012, 2013 but that was nothing compared to the intensity of what was going on in 2014 and even into our current year. First I was surprised, then overwhelmed, then lost for words and at the end I came to understand it.

Most of you are aware that our human race and us, through many different lifetimes, have gathered much density. All the pain, suffering and negativity had to be cleared, in order for us to be able to ascend along with our Planet into a world of higher vibration – the Era of Love. This clearing has been going on for many many years, with the most powerful process starting in the last months of 2012 and going on up till now. And now we’re finally at the last layers, the deepest layers of what we have accumulated – and these core density – our deepest beliefs and prime fears needs to be faced.

It may seem that it is not easy, we are tired from the spiritual work that has been going on for so long – some of you are aware of it, for others it happens unconsciously. We may feel vulnerable and sensitive, and maybe even lose hope. But fighting with our deepest blockages, beliefs and patterns does not require force or planning or even action. It requires surrender. All we need to do is let go of the need to control, the desire to change the world and accept what is. For in reality the process is so much bigger than any of us and all of us combined! Surrender, release and open to love. That is all. And that is so much!

When you accept where you are and what is happening as a part of a bigger plan – your path towards the pure Consciousness, you lose the need to resist it. There is no good or bad – everything leads you to where you need to be. To where you want to be – in the world full of love and kindness, where you can be happy being who you are, doing what you love, surrounded by friends and family. As you let go, you enter the vibrational frequency of allowing all the best into your life. All you need is to create a picture in your mind of where the ending point is for you, and let the Universe take care of the rest. Don’t question its ways – you’re being led onto the fastest way towards your best future. So if you resist it, fight it or get mad at where you are at the moment – you actually stop yourself from achieving what you want. You stand Universe in the way and don’t let it do its job. So take a deep breath, surrender, let go and wait for your future to become your today

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