Story of the Artist Within

About 20 years ago in Sweden there lived an artist named Curt. He loved painting but felt that something was missing in his life, and in his art. When he started searching for the answer inside of himself, he realized that it’s the spiritual part that is not there in the traditional painting methods that he learned and used. His path took him towards transcendental meditation and one day he met a Master who changed his life. Master Maharishi, better known as the ‘Yogi of the Beatles’, was teaching a course on meditation in Sweden. His path and the one of the artist were crossed. Master Maharishi lived and preached the Vedic art of living but felt that the Western World was not opening up to it that easily. So he asked the artist to create a method of spiritual development through the process of creation that became what we now call Vedic Art.

Vedic Art does not teach us how to paint, but it reminds us that each of us already knows how to do that. Each of us is an artist. The process of connecting with your inner Creator is inspired by 17 Vedic Principles, given in the right order with the right exercises that stimulate you to create from the heart. It is a natural process, one principle comes out of the other, often even before it is given to the student. It’s like the flow of the river that gently opens you up for amazing possibilities you have inside.

Vedic Art cannot be learned from the books or notes – it has to be experience in all its vast beauty. When you step away from thinking, logic and trying to make things happen, you enter the clear state of being connected to the process of Creation. By casting aside the boundaries of the mind you can allow yourself to feel childlike joy – why not paintwith your fingers and use what you find in your surroundings to create sculptures on the canvas that even a blind man can see? Why not just let go and allow your imagination run free, discovering new ways of creating art – and life?

The only boundaries exist in your own self. By learning how to release them, you can create the works of art that you never thought were possible. But that’s just a by-product of Vedic Art. As Yves Klein said “Paintings are ashes left over after the fire that was there”. The real magic is the process of connecting to your true self. By finding the new possibilities within, new talents, new creativity, you change the way you see the world and the way you live your life. You find that person that has been hidden inside of you all these years and you let them come out. Being yourself is the true happiness.

I have to admit that from the moment the Goddess of Art found me, I cannot stop creating. All other things that I loved to do have naturally shifted into the background. Painting is my passion. Spiritual development is my path. Teaching others how to find their spirituality through painting is my life’s purpose. When I paint, the whole world disappears, problems cease to exist and all there’s left is a pure Spirit. Come join me!

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