Loving Embrace – Private Session


Loving Embrace is a private session of connecting with another human being (therapist) through gentle, caring, consensual, non-sexual touch and eye contact. Session lasts 1 hour and starts with setting clear rules and boundaries to make it a comfortable, comforting experience.

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Loving Embrace can be also experienced in a group settings as a 3 hour workshop – please check Events page for upcoming dates.


Love is the most effective medicine in the world and touch is how we apply it.

Benefits include:

  • feeling loved
  • feeling accepted
  • feeling relaxed
  • feeling happy
  • learning how to say no and how to say yes
  • regaining sense of belonging
  • increased confidence in your relationships
  • becoming confident in setting boundaries and asking for what you need

Activities include:

  • holding hands
  • looking others in the eye
  • smiling at others
  • hugs
  • snuggling
  • hair stroking
  • head on chest lap
  • and more

All in non-sexual, consensual, respectful environment. 

Read more about Loving Embrace

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