Guided Relaxation


In this fast-driven world we are constantly bombarded by problems, challenges and tense situations that cause stress. Everyone understands that learning how to relax, let go and unwind is a must for all of us, if we want to survive. Guided Relaxation is a simple way of accessing the pleasant state of relaxation that should be our second nature.

Session lasts 1/2 hour.


We should be able to do it automatically when needed, but in the havoc of daily responsibilities we simply forgot how to relax. During Guided Relaxation session, when you’re led through gradual loosening of your muscles and letting go of unwanted thoughts, you will remember how to access the state of inner peace. Your body will loosen up, releasing tensions. Your mind will drift off to the land of beautiful sights, sounds and smells. And your heart will be filled with joy, peace and bliss.

Based on the principles of Hypnotherapy, Guided Relaxation is not just a one-off experience. Each time you reach the state of letting go, your mind re-learns the way to access relaxation and soon you will be able to guide yourself into this state easily in your daily life, during the times of stress and tension.

Guided Relaxation session lasts about 1/2 hour and is preceded by short consultation.

Sessions are available in English or Polish language.

As a member of ICHP Lorelai abides by the strict Code of Ethics.

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