Regression is a form of Hypnotherapy that allows you to travel back in your own mind to the time and place where your problems first started. When you confront those memories and release emotions that they hold, you'll be on the road to freedom!

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The therapist, using specific words and suggestions becomes your guide on a journey into your own past. Your mind knows where those painful memories are stored away but it put them away for a reason – to protect you from feeling the fear, sadness, guilt or other unpleasant feelings that you were not able to deal with back then. By reliving those important memories and emotions in hypnosis, you will be able to face them in a safe and secure way, allowing you to release them and move forward in life.

By shining the light into the darkness , you realize that the monsters do not exist. They are only a creation of a scared child’s imagination that were blown our from proportion. Face your darkness and  free your mind from the shackles of your past!

We offer free  initial 15 minutes phone consultation. Regression session lasts 1 hour and depending on your problem a few sessions may be required.

Sessions are available in English or Polish language.

As a member of ICHP Lorelai abides by the strict Code of Ethics.

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