Hair Analysis

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Mineral Hair Analysis shows the quantity of elements such as vitamins, minerals and toxins stored in the patient’s body.

The test determines the condition of mineral metabolism, includes detailed description of the current state of your health and gives you specific supplementary and dietary recommendations that will restore balance to your body’s inner chemistry.

Evaluate your health condition and find out which foods and supplements are right for you!


It is important to remember that along with physical exercise and keeping yourself in good emotional state, proper diet is one of the most important keys to keeping your body strong and healthy. You are what you eat. Your food can be your biggest friend or your worst enemy.

Prevention of illnesses would be a perfect goal, but diet is also particulary important if you are sick. Application of proper vitamin-microelement supplementation may enhance therapy, bringing faster and better results, and also protect the body from side effects of medication.

Mineral Hair Analysis is an easy, convenient and inexpensive method of estimation of the mineral state of the human body in case of:

– manifestation of malabsorption syndrome symptoms (gastrologic disorders),
– abnormal regulation of endocrine glands function (hormonal disorders),
– neurological disorders,
– dermatological disorders (psoriasis, albinism, hair loss…),
– treatment of obesity
– osteo-articular diseases,
– cardiological disorders,
– poisoning with toxic elements,
– prolonged exertion at work and in sport,
– rehabilitation,
– prophylactics.

Order test kit or make appointment to see us to help you with questionnaire and getting hair sample.

Results are available in different languages.  Choose from: English, Polish, Czech , Slovak, German, Russian, Romanian. Each extra language is additional €10.

Questions and Answers

Why is hair used for elemental analysis, not blood?

Hair represents one of the most metabolically active tissues, thus it provides regular information of the organism’s metabolic activity. The level of elements content in hair corresponds with the level of these elements in inner tissues, however, their concentration is much higher than in blood or serum, which makes it easier to assay them. Blood or serum analysis does not reflect the current elements concentration in the organism due to the action of certain mechanisms that regulate their levels (homeostatic mechanisms). Excesses of elements in the organism are often undetectable in serum for the reason of their transfer from blood to tissues.

What elements do we test?

*Trace elements:
Bar, Boron, Chrome, Tin, Zinc, Phosphorus, Germanium, Iodine, Cobalt, Silicon, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Molybdenum, Nickel, Potassium, Selenium, Sulphur, Sodium, Strontium, Vanadium, Calcium, Iron

*Toxic elements:
Arsenic, Aluminium, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury

Should hair be washed before samples are cut off for analysis?

Yes, because the impurities that gather on unwashed hair may affect the test results.

How to get hair sample?

*For testing purposes, sample approx. 300 – 400 mg hair, i.e. approx. one spoonful.
*Cut off the hairs from the back of your head in several places .
*Only the first 3 – 4 cm of the hairs, counting from the scalp skin, are suitable for analysis.
*If your hair is long, cut the hairs right above the scalp skin, then cut off the first 3 – 4 cm for analysis.
*If your hair is too short (less than 5 mm), wait for 2 weeks until it grows longer.
*Sample hairs cannot be dyed.
*Sample hairs must be cut by a family member or hairdresser with sharp scissors (cannot be chipped).

What length should be the hairs to be analysed?

The hair to be analysed must not be longer than 4 cm, not shorter than 1 cm, counting from the scalp skin.

Can the hair to be analyzed be dyed or permed?

No, because the chemical compounds contained in hair dyes and perm liquids may affect the elemental chemistry of hair, which in turn may falsify the test results.

How long does it take after hair dyeing or perming before elemental analysis is possible?

After this kind of hair treatments and prior to cutting off the hair samples to be analized it takes at least
6 – 8 weeks waiting time.

What can be done if the amount of hair on the scalp is insufficient for analysis?

Under such circumstances you can have your nails analysed, instead, since nail analysis, just like hair analysis, allows to assess the mineral metabolism status.

What amount of nails is sufficient for analysis?

The nail sample required for analysis is approx. 100 mg, i.e. about one teaspoonful. The nails must be clean, free of any enamel or other impurities.

What is the suggested time between hair sampling and samples delivery to the laboratory for analysis?

The elemental hair analysis findings relate to the period in which the hair grew. Therefore, if your lifestyle or diet has not changed, or if you have not administered any supplements that might affect the test results, this period may be even up to two months from the hair sampling date.

When shall I pay for the analysis?

The fee for the analysis should be paid before sending any test materials, so that it is possible to enclose a copy of the proof of payment to the test materials.

Mineral Hair Analysis is performed by Biomol-Med Laboratory in Łódź, Poland.

The key role of laboratory is to determine the patient’s metabolic type and nutrition status. This is how we are capable of identifying the most favourable diet to be supported by a supplementary program of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutritious preparations administration.

The desired effect of suitable diet should be an individual’s adequate metabolic balance. Such physiological status protects organism against diseases that might be induced by environmental factors or genetic tendencies. To restore metabolic balance is an essential element of any treatment process.


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