Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture


Auricular (ear) acupuncture based on NADA model for stress relief and help with addictions and anxiety.

Session lasts 1/2 hour including consultation.


What is the NADA model?

A non-verbal approach to healing that involves the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized disposable needles
into specific sites on each ear. The recipients sit quietly for 15-20 minutes listening to soft music.

NADA ear acupuncture is an adjunct therapy which is clinically effective, cost-efficient, drug-free and compatible
cross-culturally.  The combined application of acupuncture with psychotherapy enhances opportunities for success.


– Reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine
– Minimized withdrawal symptoms
– Increased calmness, better sleep, and less agitation
– Relief from stress and emotional trauma
– An easier connection with psychotherapy
– A discovery of inner quiet and strength
– An intention for recovery

Session lasts 1/2 hour including consultation.


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