See yourself through your heart

We are what we think we are.

Everyone looks at themselves and the world through the eyes of their own beliefs, experiences and emotions. Each of us creates a movie that is our life and as we are the director we create the main character as we see ourselves.All our experiences, starting from the earliest ones create our beliefs about ourselves. First we look at ourselves through the eyes of our parents and we learn from them who we are. They tell us whether we are good or bad, ugly or pretty, smart or dumb. They may not realize that even small remark can change our opinion about ourselves.

I heard my mother say that I never did anything right a lot. One story really stayed with me. As I was in music school besides the regular elementary one, I always had lots of studying to do and had to practice playing piano every day. My education was always important so I made sure to spend a lot of time on it. I didn’t help around the house much because of that and even though that was the way my mother wanted it, she often told me I’m not helpful and was very harsh about it. One day I wanted to surprise my mother and spend whole afternoon cleaning the kitchen. I didn’t really know how to do it, as I was never allowed to learn such things, but I did my best and I was really happy with the result. When my mother came home instead of being happy and proud as I expected, she screamed at me for wasting my time and not studying. This incident was so powerful that from that moment I believed that I never did anything right. This belief stayed with me for many many years and caused me to work very hard to reach perfection, but nothing I did made me happy with myself.

As I believed that I never did anything well and I was not good enough, things happened to me to prove me right. Despite the hard work, the jobs I had paid me little money. Despite my actual beauty, I was not seen by men. Despite my perfect health, I was often sick. My life unfolded according to what I believed about myself.

There are different parts of us that participate in creating our experience. We have the conscious mind that we use knowingly to think, reason, learn, make opinions and choices. We hear its voice all the time and we know it well. Then we have the inner mind – subconscious as scholars call it, where all that we ever experienced, heard or saw is stored. It controls our bodily functions and our impulses and as it does not know how to reason so it takes all it recorded as the truth. It is this hidden part where our deepest beliefs about ourselves and the world come from, often based on misinterpretation of emotional experiences we had as children, which are not the actual reality. This part can be our best friend if we can access its library or the worst enemy if we are driven by the forces which source we do not realize. Another part is our heart that connects us to our Higher Self and to the Universe. It is through our hearts that we can see with our conscious mind into the inner mind and uncover its mysteries. The heart knows the real truth and decides based on principles of unconditional love for All That Is.

If we learn to see, hear and experience with our hearts, we can create our lives for the best of our interest and the good of all. We can see the deceit of our false judgements about ourselves that lie beneath in the subconscious. We can make choices based on our deepest desires not only raw conscious analysis that is often just a way we learned to be in this society.

Through the heart we can see the real person behind the mask, and as each of us is a reflection of Divinity, each one is perfect. All the flaws as we see them, are nothing but a creation of a character we decided to manifest in, to be able to experience and explore that Divinity in material form. They are our friends and if not needed – can be changed.

We create through a thought, and thoughts can be changed if we so wish. Let’s choose thoughts that are in touch with our hearts. Let’s see ourselves through eyes of Divine Love and we will experience life as full of wonderful, enriching moments, that show us how perfect we are in all our imperfections.

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