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New Year – New You? How about New Year – REAL You?

I haven’t been very active professionally or socially towards the end of 2018 and not for the lack of desire or ideas. It felt like I was being drawn inward and towards seclusion, and not even to reflect but to release and transmute all that wasn’t in alignment with who I truly am. (więcej…)

Story of the Artist Within

About 20 years ago in Sweden there lived an artist named Curt. He loved painting but felt that something was missing in his life, and in his art. When he started searching for the answer inside of himself, he realized that it’s the spiritual part that is not there in the traditional painting methods that […]

The lonely path

Are you a traveller on the spiritual path? Or a seeker of adventures in your inner world? Or maybe an empathic healer with a gift of a great advice in any situation? However you experience the road to your inner true self, I’m sure you’ve often noticed it’s a lonely path. Many people on the […]