Welcome to Lorelai’s Healing Shack!

  • Heal - Learn - Grow
  • relax and let go - learn how to release stress and live in the moment
  • free yourself from the past - hypnotherapy & regression sessions
  • talk to someone who understands - psychotherapy and spiritual guidance
  • enjoy life - fun and inspirational courses and workshops
  • connect to your spiritual side - energy healing treatments and courses
  • be who you really are - gain confidence in yourself
  • make healthy choices - take care of your inner temple
  • awaken the inner creator -spirituality through creativity courses

Lorelai’s Healing Shack is a new face of Ailani Therapy. Everything changes, nothing stands still. I have changed and transformed and so did my healing practice.

Year 2014 was a big one for me. A lot of inner clearing, reflection, growing awareness. Some things were no longer relevant, others took a new meaning. I wanted to be as true to myself as I can be. I learned that you cannot be best in everything, so I had to choose what I want to concentrate on. And so came an idea for this new website and renewed job description, that I can truly call my own.

So now, that 2015 has already started, I am officially welcoming you to Lorelai’s Healing Shack – a place for all in need to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit! Besides private therapies, inspirational events and interesting workshops, I am opening a shop full of natural, often handmade by me goodies that will assist you in living a life as close to nature as possible.

Let’s spread Love, Light and Healing to as many people as possible!


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