Happy 2017!

I admit, I didn’t do much with my healing practice in 2016, but it was year number 9 for the Earth which is connected with endings, so with that understanding I was not under any pressure to start a new project. For me personally it was year number 2, which is more about creating or working on different types of relationships, so career was not really my top priority. But rest assured, deep within my soul I still had ideas that started forming in 2015, but it was not a right time to evolve them further.

It’s important to realize that life in all of the Universe has a specific flow, where some things come forward in some moments, while the other fade. And after a while the focus changes to something different. I’ve always found numerology to be my best guide to understand the cycles the world and each person go through, but astrology could do the same for you, if you prefer to look at the stars rather then numbers. By connecting with the flow of the cycles of life it’s easier to understand why some areas of life work better at specific times then others. With such awareness we can consciously direct our work and efforts towards these areas when they’re at their peak and not get frustrated with perceived failures in other areas. There is time and place for everything and we can make the most of it.

2017 begins new cycle for our planet (year 1) and year number 3 for me, which is all about creativity and social expansion. No wonder I feel new energy pushing me to get back to the project ideas from 2 years ago. And the work comes so much easier and faster since the year began!

I have always wanted to guide and inspire people all over the world and being in one place on this planet seemed like a barrier standing on my way. But now we live in the virtual world as much as we live in the material one.

I love working with words, how they flow through me whenever a person in need shows at my door (real or virtual!). The right words come at the right time, through me to the right person. And their awareness opens up, allowing them to deal with something they felt stuck in. So here I’d like to invite you to talk to me when you feel you need help  – you can do so in person, as always, by scheduling a session in Dublin; over telephone or Skype and now over email as well.

I have also created a special 8 week programme that combines what I do best – therapy sessions, suggestion therapy, book and healing through Skype/telephone and email. Read more about my Empower Programme on my website. If you feel inspired to take part – I’ll be more then happy to be your guide on the road to self-discovery!

Let me end this post by New Year wishes I wrote a while ago, but the words still ring true for me:

May you love unconditionally and fully all living creatures, including yourself.

May you accept all parts of you without judgement and not judge others, for they are only the mirrors showing you what you don’t like about yourself.

May you be free to speak your truth without fear and allow others to express their truth, even if you don’t agree with it.

May you be brave enough to fill your work with passion and make your passion your work.

May you appreciate and take care of your physical body as a temple for your Soul, just as you take care of the house that you live it.

May you have your eyes open to the lessons your life shows you through pain and challenges.

May you be conscious enough to recognize the moments of rest and pure joy within the always-changing flow of life.

May you always remember that a true teacher speaks a little, for the real truth cannot be put into words, but can only be felt by the heart.

May you never forget your true nature which is that of a Spirit that is experiencing its Divinity in this material plane.

And may you express your Divinity through giving your unconditional love to others this Holiday Season and in the years to come.

From the bottom of my heart,

Lorelai I. Dali

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