Change – threat or opportunity?

The only constant thing in life is change. And for some reason it is the one thing people fear the most.

The future is not certain. We dream, we plan but we can never be sure of the outcome. We are the Creators of our own experience, but whose thoughts are so pure and free of fears to be able to create the perfection we want? And even if we reach the dreams, the path that takes us there is one of the Universe, chosen so we see the most of the world. The lessons we are to learn come in many boxes, often not recognized as gifts until we look back at them through the lens of time.

So many times I’ve seen people stuck in the reality of Good Enough, cling to what they had no matter how unpleasant or hurtful their worlds were. Sometimes just plain and uninspiring, but lacking the essence of real beauty of life. Fear of uncertainty is what kept them frozen, resisting anything unknown, often blind to wonderful chances life was presenting in front of them.

I too have been afraid. I had my plans for every day, every moment, every chore and even for every pleasure I was willing to experience. If anything disrupted my numerous lists I lost my balance and panic crept in, leaving me lost and breathless. What if I lost control? What if something changed without my consent? What if it brought New and Unknown?

Then my heart told me story about the river. The water in the river flows constantly, and it’s made of billions tiny drops, each drop alike but not the same as the others, touching the plants and rocks and little creatures that live inside the river. The drops flow with the current, letting it take them to their destination – the ocean, where they dance with each other and until at some point they travel to different rivers. Sometimes the current may take them through the same river they already visited, but this travel will be different that the previous one as the drops have touched other rivers and are changed by its memories.

There were some drops that wanted to stay in one spot of one river for a longer time. They wanted it so much they became thicker than others and stuck to a rock at the bottom of the river. They were constantly pushed by billions of drops that passed them and had to use all their might to keep hanging onto the rock. They worked very hard and were not able to enjoy their existence anymore and after a while they became bitter and angry. They finally couldn’t hang on anymore so they let go of the rock and once again let the current take them. But they were too tired and unhappy to see everything they passed on the way to the ocean. They didn’t dance anymore and just disappeared into the mists.

I understood that if I was to flow with the current of life, accepting the changes as they come and trusting that I would at some point reach my destination, I would be able to enjoy my way to the Ocean of Eternity.

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