Breathe for Healing

There is a saying that breath is one of the most powerful forms of healing. We breathe all the time but rarely do it consciously. As we rush though our daily lives, our breaths are shallowed by stress. We sit at desks at work all day and relax in front of television in the evenings, forgetting that we need to exercise, so that our lungs get a chance to expand with the extra air needed during physical activity. So our bodies lack the most important nourishment – oxygen! No wonder that so many people fell tired and lack the energy.

Our minds and emotions suffer from improper breathing too. Taking deep, regular breaths can calm us down in any tense or anxious situation. Because the deep breathing is the best kind of meditation! As you concentrate on the breath, not trying to control it, just observing it, you’re able to notice and release all tensions in your body. Then the mind quiets down. And your true nature emerges.

Breath can be a healing tool, as those of you who attended our Daleth Breathwork can confirm. It can guide you to the hidden blocks and traumas in your inner mind and help to release them. Free from the shackles of the past, you will be able to reconnect with your true Spiritual Self.

I would like to share one amazing breathing exercise from my book “Miracles of Choice”, that will help you clear out the stale air from your lungs. Practice it daily to reap the benefits of the clear, healthy lungs and even clearer mind!

-Place chin against chest
-Keep mouth closed
-Inhale through the nose and tilt head back slowly on inhalation
-Exhale slowly through the mouth and tilt head forward on exhalation
-As you exhale, push air out through your teeth to produce hissing sound

And in the daily rush, please remember to take a moment, just once in a while, and just BREATHE.

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