My name is Lorelai Ivy Dali. I am a healer, writer and artist, a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, Reiki Master and Vedic Art Teacher, but most of all – a student of spiritual side of human nature and seeker of the Light. I am open to the Universe and all it has to offer, always looking for more than we see with our human eyes.

My journey started when I have been initiated to Reiki in 2005 in USA by wonderful masters Mimi Stafford and China Sky. My education background is music – I graduated with degree of Music Teacher. I have studied natural therapies in Studium Psychologii Psychotronicznej in Białystok, Poland where I gained knowledge of psychology, shiatsu massage, runes and NLP among others. I also hold a diploma in classical and relaxation massage and I attended numerous seminars that broadened my view of holistic therapies.

In 2008 my path took me to Ireland and I decided to continue my life quest in this beautiful land, full of undamaged nature, historical treasures and places of high energy and magick. In 2010 I graduated from Institute of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. While continuing to walk on the path of self discovery, I also opened Ailani Therapy – place for all in need to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit, where I held private therapies, inspirational events and interesting workshops, hoping to spread the Love, Light and Healing to as many people as possible.

In 2012 I published my first book “Miracles of Choice” and have discovered an amazing method of connecting with your spirituality through creative art process called Vedic Art. Inspired by my own growth through use of this simple, yet profound creative process I attended the Teaching Course with Johannes Källman in Sweden to be able to spread the joy of creation to more people and have created Vedic Art Ireland. I am currently the official spokesperson and leader of Vedic Art method in Ireland.

As I grew and transformed, so did my healing practice. Some things were no longer relevant, others took a new meaning. I discovered that my words helped to find meaning and inspiration to many people, so I started a blog and became more active on social media. I can say that the words that I share are not really mine – they come from the Higher Self, the Spirit or Collective Consciousness. I am a channel that speaks a message that particular person needs to hear.

I have also discovered doTerra Essential Oils and after completing Aromatherapy Course I got interested in creating my own healing and beauty remedies. Our bodies are temples of our soul and need to be treated as such. I hope to share with you what I discovered so your temple becomes as clean and shiny as mine!

2014 has been a year of massive changes in my inner world and to match it, in 2015, Ailani Therapy transformed into Lorelai’s Healing Shack. I currently help people find their own life path, live a healthy lifestyle, release traumas and boundaries, become more mindful, aware and creative, and build their own Heaven on Earth. I actively teach Vedic Art  in Dublin and via Skype and record videos for my YouTube Channel.